Websites, made simply, hosted responsibly

Responsive to phones, tables and computer screens, and powered by green energy.

Halico Technologies creates beautiful websites that are simple and effective. Let us handle the complicated stuff while you get to work doing what you do best! Our websites work on all screens using a universal language recognized by all devices. They are easily searchable by Google and often in the top results.

Halico Technologies can host your website and make sure your customers can access it easily, securely and at all times. Our fees might be less than even trying it yourself! All plans come with unlimited free updates.


An option to fix

Hardware repairs and recovery.

From that USB drive that accidentally got wiped, the laptop screen with the crack, the keyboard with the 4 letters that don't work or nearly anything else. Halico Technologies is capable of fixing, repairing and recovering a wide range of issues, quotes are free and results guaranteed or the price is free!


An IT department for hire

From getting the Wifi to work upstairs to setting up a Mobile payment system.

And nearly anything in between! We have years of practice and resources available to fix most technology issues you might come across. On site services are available, affordable, and no charge if the problem isn't resolved.